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Duolingo Super Personal Upgrade [ 1 Month ]
$4 - 13 Stocks
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$10 - 8 Stocks
Duolingo Super Personal Upgrade [ 6 Months ]
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Duolingo Super Personal Upgrade [ 12 Months ]
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Personal upgrades
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Duolingo Super Upgrade For Your Personal Account
0% ban rate 0% kick rate
100% Legal and safe
Paid , not education plan ,all pro benefits included
Warranty: according to the plan bought
Delivery time: 0 - 24 Hours

How it works

When paying you will need to submit the name of the account you want to upgrade.
It is needed just to confirm your purchase and keep you on our plan.
After payment is confirmed you will receive a link to join our premium family plan.
Warranty applies for the whole period of your subscription.
The Premium subscription will last as long as in the title. When the period ends so does the subscription. Breaking the warranty terms of the product can void your subscription.
If you need help with your order or have any questions please create a ticket on our discord or contact the support on our telegram. In your ticket you must include your product code received on email to confirm the purchase.


Access to all learning content
Unlimited Hearts
Personalized Practice
Unlimited legendary
No Ads


1. You must not have an active subscription already.

Warranty information:
Account name must not be changed while your upgrade is still active.
Your subscription will last only as much as the warranty period. If you break any warranty or tos rule this can void your subscription.
You agree with all info in the product description. No refunds will be issued if you don't read what you are buying.
Breaking any product ToS rule or any rule from our discord or telegram can void your warranty.
We reserve the right to select our customers. Any chargeback attempt or dispute created on payment will void your warranty and ban you from this shop. All products can be delivered in 24h , please have patience.
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