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Refill 500 TRY
$21.5 - 13 Stocks
Refill 750 TRY
$30 - 11 Stocks
Refill 1000 TRY
$39 - 6 Stocks
Refill 1500 TRY
$55 - 12 Stocks
Refill 2000 TRY
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Refill with turkish lira / Products / Refill with turkish lira
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Refill with TRY for your personal turkish account

Delivery time: 0 - 24 Hours

How it works
Prices are updated regularly based on turkish lira prices.
We can send turkish liras to any turkish bank ,not just the ones mentioned below.
If you need to refill a specific bank just contact our support on discord or telegram.
More info might be needed depending on each bank.

What info to submit
For FUPS : account number
For Papara : papara number
For Oldubill : zirat bankasi Iban + vcc number
For Ozan : account number ( that one like TRY0432951 )

Refill your turkish accounts with turkish lira easily
No login required, direct sending

ToS :
1. We are not responsible for what you will be using the money for.
2. Our rates are not negotiable.

Warranty information:
If you missed reading any of the warranty info and bought without understanding what you are buying you will not receive a refund.
Breaking any product ToS rule or any rule from our discord or telegram can void your warranty.
We reserve the right to select our customers. Any chargeback attempt or dispute created on payment will void your warranty and ban you from this shop. All products can be delivered in 24h , please have patience.
Support :