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Amazon Prime Gaming
100% Legal and safe
Delivery time: 0 - 48 Hours

How it works
- Prime Gaming Account -
You will receive a new private account with a sub on prime gaming.
Account will be auto generated so it can get banned in a few days or even hours. It is recommended to claim the loot you want as soon as possible.
All prime gaming loot is available to be claimed. Twitch sub is not guaranteed.
Breaking the warranty terms of the product can void your subscription.

1. Way cheaper prime products
2. Claim any prime gaming loot without buying the full prime bundle
3. Prime Gaming content for League of Legends : 350 RP , 5 Mythic Essence , 1350 RP Skin Permanent , 200 Orange Essence , (5) Champion Shards , (2) Series 1 Eternals Shards , (1) 30-Day XP Boost
4. Any loot can be claimed one time / month / account on any region. 0% ban rate , 100% safe and legal

Warranty information:
If you missed reading any of the warranty info and bought this carelessly you will not receive a refund.
Breaking any product ToS rule or any rule from our discord or telegram can void your warranty.
We reserve the right to select our customers. Any chargeback attempt or dispute created on payment will void your warranty and ban you from this shop. All products can be delivered in 24h , please have patience.
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